The imagery, the website and the product itself must be able to represent one another interchangeably, as well as be presented to the consumer thereafter appropriately and accurately. These specific components must not only come together, but also work together effectively. Each and every element is carefully planned out and dissected—nothing occurs by “chance”.

Behind The Scenes Videos

Behind the Scenes: This two-minute “behind the scenes” video will give buyers and consumers not only an exclusive inside look, but also a better understanding of who a company is. These videos are developed for any fashion event, and are shot at various locations including (but not limited to): a designer studio, during a photo/fashion shoot, a store launch, and/or for a designer collaboration.

Look Books and Line Sheets:

A keen, artistic vision is used to create styled look books and line sheets. Shine excels in creating still-shot images and artistic shots, as well as store outreach postcards for each company. The photography is shot by fashion and accessory focused photographers at Shine Media Groups studio with the top models in New York City. Models are meticulously picked in order to accurately portray the company’s image.

Website Development:

Not only are the websites created in an accessible manner for the consumer, but also for the company behind the brand. The consumer is able to shop easily and effectively, and maintaining the website is equally as effortless. Navigating the website, whether from the consumer’s or management’s perspective, is entirely stress free. 

Trend Reports: 

Through trend reports, a detailed insight and a sharp eye forecasts colors, styles, shapes, and trends for the upcoming season for each designer to prepare for the future. Close relations and established resources allow us to report inside information from key industry executives.

Trade Show Materials:

In order to drive sales at trade shows, we build vendors from the ground up, both stylistically and architecturally. By creating a booth that coincides harmoniously with your company and brand’s vision, revenue increases exponentially.