Forget Survive, THRIVE

Forget Survive, Thrive

Fashion brands need publicity to thrive in the same way that humans need air to survive. It is as simple as that. Whether the publicity is through word of mouth, print, or online exposure, publicity is an integral part of why some brands are more successful than others.

It would be foolish to think that a brand could expand without any buzz being generated about it. The more a brand is “out there,” the more likely it is that people will know, recognize, and most importantly, remember the brand.

The way to gain exposure for the brand is through different media outlets. From TV shows to bloggers, national publications to regional newspapers, covering all aspects of media is essential. Determining popular outlets is just as necessary as determining appropriate outlets. Targeting a specific age group is important, and thereafter it is vital to appeal to the entire sector from every angle possible.

It is also important to keep in mind that there is both a current consumer and a potential consumer. In order to survive the generational “change”, the public relations team must always be a step ahead. That is to say that the brand must appeal to a specific audience in the moment, as well as what would appeal to this particular audience in the future.

Targeting a specific audience is key, but that certainly does not mean that this is the only sector to go after. Oftentimes, a designer may inadvertently close doors by only appealing to one specific group. For example, a designer may only want to be in avant-garde publications, but limiting oneself in this manner closes far too many doors. There are many consumers who do not even know that they want the brand, which is why the scope in which designers appeal to must be far and wide. It is our job, as a public relations firm, in the industry to be able to lure in as may new customers as possible. In order to reach those outlier consumers who do not have any other form of exposure to new brands, than let’s say, from a regional magazine, brands must expose themselves to a wide array of magazines.

All in all, the fashion industry is a well-structured strategic game, much like that of chess. You must gather all of the pieces, assess them, and plan ahead. All press is good press, thus, it is important not to miss any opportunities—you never know when the right buyer will come along. It may not necessarily be the publication that you believe is “right” or “wrong” that will give you the most exposure; it is all about what the editors or investors are reading. Thus, by getting your brand into as many publications as possible, you essentially widen the breadth of possibility that an editor or investor will see your brand and fall in love. After all, that is the overarching goal, isn’t it?