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Why Does A Brand Explode?


As an emerging designer in a vast ocean of designers, it is important to study the successes of the companies you admire and strive to financially emulate. Why do some companies achieve greater success than others? Why does it seem as if this designer is everywhere you look? Why are the highest-profile buyers scrambling to carry the product of that same designer?

The answer is simple: it’s all about the buzz. Consistent mentions in all major media outlets (including television, magazines, websites, and blogs) or having your piece worn by an A-list actor can catapult your sales beyond what you ever thought was possible. Brands that seem like they’re “everywhere” really aren’t everywhere-but they have a team crafting a precise strategy for their brand growth; brands explode when they’ve got the right kind of TNT behind them.

One of our established clients and close friends is Rebecca Minkoff, the industry’s most buzzed-about fashion and accessories designer. When Rebecca walked in for our first meeting over six years ago, she had a little more than a small collections of handbags and an unrivalled drive to succeed. What we built together was a strong foundation for Rebecca Minkoff to become one of the fastest-growing companies in the current fashion industry by using strategic buzz and teamwork.

One of the main reasons Rebecca Minkoff became such a success was her deep commitment to keeping momentum for her brand through public relations. Rarely does a day go by that Rebecca’s name isn’t mentioned or represented on a major fashion website, magazine, or blog. Rebecca believed in the power of public relations; her success with our team is a noticeable testament to this.

What we do with our clients is but a small part of the expansive nature of public relations. Many designers equate public relations with advertising-but it’s time to dispel that myth once and for all. Public relations is not advertising. Public relations is the fuel for your brand. We accelerate your brand through an uninterrupted presence in the media, which, in turn, impacts the purchasing influence of your public consumer and interest from key buyers.

Imagine your brand as a new car. Your sales are your fuel- it’s your brand’s livelihood. Now think of a public relations firm as your gas station-an integral place where your brand refuels and charges up. The two are married by their shared responsibility in getting your car (a.k.a. brand) from Point A to Point B. Without one the other falters, and vice versa. Brands shouldn’t allow their fuel to burn out; once it’s empty, it takes more effort to regain maximum performance.

Aside from impressive sales support, a public relations firm can also open your brand up to additional opportunities that other realms of corporate structure cannot access. Each season, we organize massive editorial previews with over 250 of the nations leading editors, bloggers, and stylists in attendance. We assist brangs in all details from participating in exclusive promotions with leading publications and websites to major lifestyle and fashion show collaborations. We also consult brands in collections to make them more media-friendly and in turn, secure an even greater number of placements, without compromising the designer’s creativity.

A designer’s first step into the consumer market should be to partner with a passionate public relations firm; however, this is a step that should be done once a brand is ready and able to provide the necessary tools.

A brand cannot expect to thrive if the consumer doesn’t know your name. By working with a public relations team, you are building a strong foundation for the future of your brand, enhancing its credibility, and making it an attractive sell to the high-profile buyers worldwide.

Your public relations team will help you expand not only your brand, but also your media presence and network. We guarantee after a year with a firm, every editor will know your name. Once you’re established with the media, your brand will become a juggernaut with unstoppable momentum. We always love seeing the smile on your clients’ faces when their media presence and sales surpass the brands they once looked up to.

If you only ever heed one bit of advice, let it be this: enlist the help of a passionate team of publicists, and watch your company grow and secure its place at the top of the fashion industry. The fate of your emerging company doesn’t have to rest solely on your shoulders-let us support you.

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