Shine Media Group strives to uncover what makes you shine.

Skyrocketing sales, brand awareness, and cost effective approaches are at the heart of Shine Media Group’s intent. Experts in assisting clients, Shine Media Group takes them from the ground up and morphs them into loyal household names. Brand development containing marketing materials, is carefully crafted with a keen, artistic eye and an innovative approach. These make a vital impact that provides companies with the right tools (line sheets, look books, beautiful still-shot images, artistic images, etc) to comfortably expand. Combined with thorough consulting services, these brands are able to hit the ground running and maximize sales. Shine Media Group will help your business escalate and excel, innovate and emerge. We already know you’re special; what we aim to do is make you shine. 


Founder Robyn Bouzas created Shine Media Group, because she saw an opportunity to create a business that strayed away from the norm. The result was a firm that offered more than simply “public” relations, but rather focused on personal relationships with clients. Through this approach, Robyn Bouzas, and President Mauricio Bouzas, have been able to connect with clients to create a holistic experience instead of merely conducting your standard meeting. By use of each of their own expansive backgrounds, they pull ideas and resources from many different areas in order to cater to specific, unique needs.